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Rooted in Germany, our perspective is global

Meet The Team

Specializing in bridging Europe's skilled talent with Saudi Arabia's workforce needs, we open new horizons for professionals amidst evolving European dynamics.

“Bridging talents globally, we cultivate trust and innovation in workforce solutions.”

Florian MehlerFounder of MK Careers
CEO, Founder

Florian Mehler

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CFO, Partner

Michael Schubert

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Sales Director

Ben Brooks

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Office Manager

Sandra Preetz

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Key Account Manager

Andy Morris

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Global Vision Synergy

Envisioning a future where Europe's highly skilled professionals seamlessly integrate into Saudi Arabia's dynamic workforce, we aim to address talent shortages with precision and cultural synergy.

Leveraging Europe's rich educational landscape and openness to global opportunities, we facilitate meaningful career transitions, fostering growth and innovation in Saudi Arabia's diverse industries, while navigating the changing European political landscape to unlock new possibilities.


Always striving to exceed expectations.

Surpassing goals, delivering exceptional results.


Dedicated to professional, quality service.

Upholding the highest professional standards.


Consistently overachieving with reliable commitment.

Dependable service, exceeding commitments.